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About Us

  • Bi-Tech Systems has invested over 25 man years of effort in the design and development of CarbonBI. A team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers focused on developing a solution which would provide ease of use, high performance and a very low cost for implementation and support.CarbonBI is built on a SaaS based architecture, transitioning from a traditional “waterfall” implementation to an agile, rapid implementation. It is a unique approach to end-user BI, enabling pervasive access to information, from any device, including mobile.

    CarbonBI is engineered as an open business intelligence platform. It can connect to virtually any database or application, both packaged and custom built, as well as data warehouses and other BI platforms. The Carbon Knowledge Engine is truly revolutionary. It generates a reporting layer from designated source systems, in an automated fashion. As requirements change, the Knowledge Engine generates new metadata and continues to learn. There is no requirement for ETL, complex mapping and/or star schemas.

    End users are enabled to access their data from one or many different sources. From one integrated toolset, the Carbon Report Center, users can create/modify operational reports, apply analytics, and produce personalized visualizations of the data. Many other offerings in the market require multiple tools to accomplish these same tasks.We believe that CarbonBI represents unprecedented value for the investment required. It is an ideal solution for the small to medium sized business (SMB) as well as an excellent departmental or divisional solution within a larger enterprise. It can be implemented onsite or in the Cloud. Our mantra is,

    “Your Data. Your Way. In the Cloud.”

  • Why CarbonBI?

    For Business Users

    Flow Intelligence
    Ad hoc Operational / Analytics / Visualization

    "On the Fly" Analytics
    No prerequisite dimensional modelling
    No ETL


    Personalized Dashboards
    Drag and drop
    Multiple data sources


    Easily share reports, metrics and dashboards
    Interact via mobile devices


    Cloud or "on-premise"
    Low to no infrastructure cost


    Term based, Per User Licensing
    Low cost, scalable, granular growth


    Rapid Implementation
    Days versus weeks or months
    Low cost to support


    Fraction of the cost compared to:
    User fees for enterprise BI tools
    External consultants building reports
    Internal resources dealing with custom report backlogs

    For IT:

    Unified Data Model
    Real time or near real time access (data marts, warehouses)
    "On the Fly" analytics without dimensional modeling


    Meta Data driven Knowledge Engine
    "Auto learning"


    Complementary BI
    Easily integrated with other BI tools


    Flexible Architecture
    Cloud or "on-premise"
    Any data source or application

    • Built on open standards, CarbonBI has broad addressable market. Virtually any organization looking for operational reporting and analysis, is a potential customer for CarbonBI. Key Differentiators:
    • Unified data model – operational reporting, analytics and visualizations, without the need for ETL and complicated mapping (facts, dimensions and star schemas).
    • Flow Intelligence – end users can easily move from creating or modifying operational reports to adding analytics and then producing personalized visualizations. All within one logical flow and one toolset.
    • Flexible Deployment Options – Public cloud, private cloud or on-premise.
    • Complementary to Enterprise BI – easily integrate with existing enterprise BI platforms, giving users more control at a far lower cost.

    If you’re interested in representing a revolutionary solution for business intelligence, please contact us.


    OEM: CarbonBI is designed using open standards, making it easy to integrate with other software solutions. If you are considering developing a business intelligence platform for your application or services practice, we encourage you to consider the advantages of leveraging CarbonBI versus building from scratch.

    CarbonBI Advantages:

    • Carbon Knowledge Engine – enables rapid integration with your application.
    • Shortest time to revenue.
    • Flexible deployment options – Cloud based or on-premise.
    • Breadth of business intelligence functionality.
    • Lowest cost/highest margin opportunity.
    • Shorter sales cycles.


    Integrators: We actively work with systems integrators around the globe on a referral basis. For customers that require a low cost, easy to use BI platform, CarbonBI is an excellent option. For customers with existing investments in enterprise BI platforms but struggle with broad adoption and deployment, CarbonBI can address this challenge. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact us.

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