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  • CarbonBI is an excellent solution for small to medium sized businesses (<1000 employees). Business analysis, reporting and insight are critical to maintaining a healthy, growing organization. Similar to large enterprises, the challenges with data access can be complex. Disparate data sources and diverse application portfolios are commonplace. Knowing where the data resides and how to transform it into actionable information is a major challenge, especially for users who are non-technical. Further, budgets are tight and IT organizations are lightly staffed, and in some cases may be non-existent.

    CarbonBI is designed to:
    1. Be implemented and supported with minimal IT support. It is Cloud based so no additional hardware is required. It sources data from any relational based database or application, automatically.
    2. Empower business users with the ability to create ad hoc queries, operational reports, analytics, dashboards and mashboards from one place, with one toolset. The training required is minimal. If you can use Excel, you can use CarbonBI.
    3. Provide a low cost of entry and a flexible, granular growth path.

    “Your Data, Your Way, In the Cloud”

  • Most organizations have made investments in BI strategies and tools. The drivers are typically enterprise reporting, scorecards and executive dashboards. However, it is also quite common to find large backlogs of requests for custom reports and dashboards. Given the substantial investments companies have made in BI, business users still find it challenging to get information relevant to their day to day work. As a result, Excel is still one the most popular business intelligence tools.

    CarbonBI addresses this challenge.
    1. CarbonBI can be integrated with existing BI tools. The Carbon Knowledge Engine can consume information stored in the reporting layer of the enterprise BI tool, making it available for additional manipulation by business users at a departmental or divisional level.
    2. The simple, intuitive user interface allows business users to easily create and modify reports and dashboards, to address their specific information requirements. Data can be integrated from multiple sources and multiple BI tools.
    3. CarbonBI can implemented either in the Cloud or On-Premise. Data can be uploaded to the Cloud, securely, or remain onsite behind the corporate firewall.
    4. IT can get out of the painstaking custom report development business and focus on higher value activities.

  • CarbonBI offers all of the major functionality found in enterprise BI tools and platforms. From operational reporting, to analytics, to dashboards and even personalized Mashboards, there is a Carbon component designed for the requirement. The CarbonBI Knowledge Engine can import another BI vendor’s functional layer (end user layer), extending its functionality and enabling users to create custom reports and more meaningful visualizations.

    CarbonBI is:
    1. Open and able to work with any relational data source or application.
    2. Full function, including support for ad hoc query, operational reporting, analytics, dashboards, pixel perfect reporting and mashboards.
    3. Does not require a data warehouse, ETL, or dimensional models.
    4. Enables users to build KPI’s and metrics on the fly.
    5. Enables collaboration between users, departments or across the enterprise.
    6. Supports deployment to mobile devices.
    7. Supports enterprise security defined by job roles down to the row level where required.
    8. Designed to scale as usage increases.
    9. Easy to maintain as all the metadata is stored centrally and managed by the Knowledge Engine.

  • CarbonBI supports data access from virtually any relational database or application, such as Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft,, or custom developed solutions. CarbonBI contains functional mappings for financials, manufacturing, supply chain, projects, enterprise asset management,and human capital management. For Oracle e-Business Suite customers, CarbonBI has predefined reports, analytics and dashboards for each major functional area. Carbon Knowledge Engine enables customers to generate their own functional mappings or modify predefined functional mappings anytime, pre or post implementation.

  • CarbonBI can coexist and complement any of the major business intelligence tools in the market. The CarbonBI Knowledge Engine can read functional mappings generated by these BI tools and make it available to the CarbonBI Report Central. Business users can then create custom reports, analytics and new visualizations to address their specific reporting requirements with in CarbonBI platform in a self service mode. For Oracle Discoverer users, the CarbonBI content exporter enables you to convert all existing Discoverer, BIS and custom reports to the CarbonBI platform. This provides a much richer, full function platform for operational, ad-hoc and analytical reporting. CarbonBI’s strengths are ad hoc and analytical reporting without any prerequisites for IT to map facts and dimensions.